Salmon fillets with spicy vegetables relieves stress

Salmon fillets with spicy vegetables relieves stress
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When things are hectic at work, the kids are whining and the housework still needs to be done, the stress factor increases quite a bit. Reaching for chocolate makes you feel good in the short term, but doesn’t combat stress in the longer term and doesn’t support the body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Fish, vegetables and yogurt, however, provide these missing substances, are real nerve foods and you can reduce your stress by eating a tasty meal.

Salmon in a spicy vegetable sauce

For this you need one salmon fillet per eater and a red bell pepper, an onion, about 150 grams of fresh spinach, various herbs, a yogurt, garlic, salt and pepper and a handful of cashew nuts. The fish fillets are rubbed on both sides with the chopped herbs and a little oil and seared in a pan. Then cover and keep warm on the unheated stove top. This allows the flavors of the herbs to infuse into the flesh of the fish. Which herbs are used is a matter of taste. You can also use frozen herbs. In the meantime, prepare the sauce. Sauté the chopped onion pieces in oil and then add the chopped peppers, chopped cashew nuts, garlic and herbs and season. After roasting through, add the yogurt and about five minutes before serving, fold in the chopped spinach. If you use frozen spinach, the steaming process must be extended accordingly. Arrange the fish fillets with the spicy vegetables. Potatoes and fresh, crisp salad can be served with it.

Reduce stress with vitamins and minerals

In addition to the manual and calming activity of cooking, the ingredients of the products used also help reduce stress. Nuts contain B-group vitamins in addition to magnesium, peppers are a source of vitamin C, salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids, spinach is full of potassium and yogurt provides vitamin B, calcium and magnesium. Fatigue will fade after this meal and your mood will be brightened. Enjoy your meal!