Set achievable goals

Street Sign Reachable versus Unattainable
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A new year has dawned and usually on New Year’s Eve or before, you have already thought about what you want to change and achieve. The mood under alcohol may be good and so you get involved in many ideas and promises from outside. They tell you that you will become rich within a year or that you will lose 30 kilograms within 2 months. One must make it clear to you however later that both goal mentioned are not attainable like other utopian. It is better to read that quickly and also to accept it. Because otherwise the stress in you will become big. Finally, this will lead to frustration and sadness, which you should rather be spared.
So what to do now? Should you stop setting goals at all? The opposite is true. But you should set goals that you can achieve. On the other hand, this also excludes those that are too easy and that you already have under control. However, if you keep goals small at first, it guarantees that you can really achieve them and handle the tasks behind them. The following situations and achievable goals could be, for example:

  • Instead of smoking a pack a day, you smoke only ¾ pack a day. Further reductions follow after success, until you finally manage to quit completely.
  • When reducing fat, you switch to sugar-free cola, which you used to drink with sugar. Gradually, you cut out more and more sweets. The next step is to reduce the volume of food slightly, without fasting or having to give up individual daily meals.
  • You try to find a permitted sideline with which you can earn more money and thus become steadily richer. However, it should still be fun for you at the same time and therefore not impose any stress on you.

These examples show that goals need to be built slowly and set achievable ones. This will not cause you stress and you will become more satisfied. This satisfaction is automatically built up by the fact that you see that you can reach your goals. This gives you a slowly building self-confidence and makes you happier. It’s like running a marathon at the beginning. No runner starts with 42 kilometers without practice. So take small steps and in the end you’ll get to where you can actually make it.