When stressed, most people tend to do as many things as possible at the same time. They think multitasking is the solution to getting the tasks at hand off the table as quickly as possible. Singletasking is the opposite. It involves tackling one task at a time and seeing it through to completion. This has the advantage that you don’t run the risk of getting bogged down.

Singletasking is not only in many respects the better way of working, it also helps against stress. You concentrate on the one task to be done, complete it, and only then turn to the next task.

Strictly speaking, you also multitask one task at a time. However, you often don’t finish many of the tasks, but switch your thoughts to the next task while you are still doing something else. These rapid mental changes not only consume an incredible amount of energy, but also lead to mistakes creeping in. To iron out these mistakes requires energy again.

The more you have to do, the more things you try to do at the same time. You mentally divide what needs to be done into more and more intermediate steps and switch from one thing to another faster and faster. With the countless tasks you have to accomplish, you make small steps forward, but many of them are still unfinished. A vicious circle. Because the unnecessary consumption of energy is one of the triggers for stress.

If you decide to save your energy and reduce stress, it’s best to start singletasking today. Make a plan of exactly what you want to do, and then dedicate yourself to that very thing. You finish it and don’t let anything stop you. Maybe it is necessary that you plan time for unforeseen things when creating your daily schedule. But even these last-minute items you do one by one and not quickly in between.

Your superiors, colleagues or family members may at first frown upon your new way of working. But soon you, and they, will realize that you make fewer mistakes and ultimately complete your tasks more efficiently. Simply because you focus on one thing at a time. And the most important thing: your stress will decrease, you will feel less stressed and rushed after a short time.