Sometimes just walk away – and thereby avoid stress

Sometimes just walk away - and thereby avoid stress
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A change of the current whereabouts can work wonders. Especially when there is stress, it can be helpful to leave everything behind and choose a different location for the time being. The change of location, which is useful for avoiding stress, is the subject of the following consideration.

Going away and lowering stress levels

Has everything at work ever become too much for you? So much so that your body was also too stressed? Has there ever been a situation in your home where the mood was simply poisoned and stress was unavoidable? Sometimes it’s the simple things that help: Just walk away sometimes. It doesn’t have to be far. For example, if you are stressed out at work and don’t know what to do, just go away. To the park. One hour is enough. This action can work wonders. You free your body and mind from stressors for a while. You perceive completely different stimuli with all your senses. And these are usually much more pleasant stimuli than in the place before.

Return afterwards with a lower stress level

After a while of absence you can consider returning to the previously too stressful place. Now you are more relaxed and distanced and can look at the stressful issue more objectively. If you left because there was a dispute, all parties to the dispute are now more grounded. This is what the distance in time and space has done.

Conclusion: Sometimes just walk away

The fact that stress is enormously harmful and limits us humans in our ability to function is no secret. There is no need for a discussion about this. The goal of this article is to illustrate that sometimes you just need to get away for a while to relieve stress. For example, your supervisor at work puts pressure on you by assigning you a new project. At the same time, you are still working on the old project. Your mind starts spinning, your stress level rises, and your ability to think rationally decreases. What do you do now? Our motto: Sometimes just walk away. An hour does not make any music in your project queue now anyway. Go away, see something beautiful, eat something delicious, and then return and calmly sort out the situation with renewed vigor. You will see: This method can work wonders. And it costs nothing.