Spaghetti with colorful vegetables

Spaghetti with colorful vegetables

Food against stress ?

Can that work at all? – you may ask yourself now. The answer to this question is quickly found and is: Of course! Of course, there are dishes that ensure that the stress level decreases and the mood in turn increases significantly. These are then exactly the cooking recipes, which are commonly also called “good mood recipes”. For me, the food that has a “mood-lifting” effect and (at least for me) almost instantly puts me in a good mood includes – in addition to the “usual suspects” (which, however, are known to be anything but healthy or particularly nutritious) such as chocolate, chips or ice cream – in any case my “beloved” spaghetti. I could eat it at (almost) any time of the day or night, because it tastes so good and is also a real “happiness maker” with (fortunately quite harmless!) “addiction potential”. And the great thing about it: Spaghetti is very easy to prepare and in many different variations!

Here comes one of the simplest (and at the same time most delicious) recipes ever:

“Spaghetti with colorful vegetables”

You need:

  • Spaghetti (amount depending on your feeling and hunger, about 100-150 grams per person)
  • colorful vegetables”: e.g. peppers, peas, corn (canned), tomatoes… (about two hands full)
  • good olive oil (one or two “bowls” can be enough)
  • fresh herbs: e.g. parsley or basil (amount according to your own “gusto”)
  • some broth (either freshly cooked, as stock from a jar or in powder form)
  • last, but not least: a handful of freshly grated Parmesan cheese…hmmm…delicious!.-)

Preparation (by the way, very easy…everything else would be much too stressful 🙂

Cook the spaghetti in plenty of salted water until firm to the bite – or as the Italians say “al dente”. This is important, because otherwise they become too soft, no longer taste good and then can not make you happy. In the meantime, sauté the diced peppers – and some onions or a bit of garlic, if desired – in a pan in a little olive oil. Then add peas, corn, tomatoes – or other “vegetable” ingredients that need to be cooked or heated only very briefly – After a few minutes you can then deglaze the whole thing with some broth – and gladly also with a good shot of wine – and season to taste (eg with salt, pepper, chili powder …). Then you only have to add the “al dente” cooked spaghetti, the fresh herbs and again some olive oil. And what is still missing? Exactly: A handful of Parmesan, with which the spaghetti pleasure is only complete. And then it’s just a matter of “dig in” and be happy! Oh yes: And the stress disappears then also quite automatically 🙂