Spend less time on the Internet

Spend less time on the Internet

Internet-free time for a more stress-free life

The Internet is both a joy and a pain. Once you start with social networks and co., sooner or later it becomes an addiction. You spend far too much time on the Internet and before you know it, the day has passed and you’ve spent several hours on the Internet with your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Spend less time on the Internet – stress-free through the day

Although the Internet now offers almost everything and you can, for example, be on social networks, do online shopping or check the weather, but all this can also bring many disadvantages. Constantly you get new pop-up ads, trolls try to annoy you by insulting your pictures on social networks and hackers try to get your bank or credit card details, All this can stress the body and also the soul quite with time and the Internet becomes rather a source of stress than that it is still fun. Therefore, you should regularly take time off from the Internet, because it frees you and has a positive effect against stress.

How much Internet free time should one plan per day?

As people spend more and more time on the Internet, it is advisable to limit this time permanently. Either you plan to spend only half an hour to an hour a day on the Internet, or you take several days off and don’t use the Internet on your smartphone or laptop for 3 to 4 days. This will also automatically make you go through life more stress-free again, because you don’t have constant pressure to reply to text messages, upload new pictures or do online shopping every day.

Many people hardly notice it anymore, but people talk to each other a lot less since they can send messages to each other with no limit on their cell phones. This can also be very frustrating in the long run, because social distancing can also get very tiring over time. So it’s better to put the smartphone aside once in a while and pay a personal visit to the person to whom you actually just wanted to reply by message. This automatically relieves the pressure and you should really try it out for yourself, because a few days without the Internet never hurt anyone.