Start believing in yourself!

Start believing in yourself

In stressful, difficult and stressful situations, it is particularly important to believe in yourself. This applies not only to exceptional circumstances, but also to everyday life.
Again and again we meet people or experience situations in which no one believes in us and we feel abandoned, lonely and unloved. But especially under these circumstances it is extremely important to believe in yourself, free of the motto: “If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody believes in you! Because the fact is: If you believe in yourself and are satisfied with yourself, you will be significantly less stressed.

In difficult circumstances, it is very effective to talk yourself into self-confidence, self-determination and belief in your own strengths and abilities. This so-called self-efficacy prophecy can release considerable forces and motivate you to continue and be less stressed even in difficult and even seemingly hopeless situations.
You will notice it: If you tell yourself often enough that you can handle a difficult situation and that you are capable and strong, you will be able to convince yourself with it. Your self-confidence will increase and even more: Your complete body language, your facial expression and your whole posture will radiate calmness, strength and power. You will then appear stronger and more powerful to your counterpart. People notice when you don’t believe in yourself, and this fact is quickly interpreted as weakness or inability. However, this means the other way around: If you believe in yourself, in your abilities and in your strength, then others will also believe in you.

You can try out this interesting psychological effect on yourself every day: Keep telling yourself how strong and mentally stable you are, make sure your posture is upright and appealing, and your body language is open and confident. You will notice that other people immediately react less dismissively or dismissively. In this way, you can make use of the quality of self-efficacy in everyday life and benefit from it on a daily basis. Through this attitude you can effectively reduce stress that arises in you, for example, when dealing with people or in difficult situations. Always tell yourself: I am strong, I believe in myself, and you will observe that you approach such situations less stressed and much more relaxed!

The best thing to do is to start believing in yourself today. Every beginning is difficult, but with small steps and daily increase you can already achieve a lot. Because it is true: If you believe in yourself, then others will do the same.