Start writing a journal

Start writing a journal

Stress robs you of your energy and takes away your focus on the really important things in life. One way to lower your stress level is to keep a journal. This is a kind of diary. In it, you record which tasks you have to complete during the course of the day, how much time you plan to spend on them, what you want to achieve in the long term, and what has triggered a feeling of stress in you. Here you can self-reflect and analyze how you can better manage your time and avoid unnecessary stress.

Also, the targeted scheduling of stress-reducing measures, such as meditating or exercising, helps to reduce overload and thus increases your well-being. In addition, you can record in your journal what you are grateful for, what insights you were able to gather, and what criticism you received and how you can implement it. After all, having a grateful outlook on life and questioning criticism without judging yourself is the key to a more relaxed life. It’s best to take 5-10 minutes every morning and every evening to work on your journal in silence. Think of this time as YOUR time. These 5 – 10 minutes are all about you and making sure you are doing well. Most importantly, for maximum results, you should consistently work on your journal every day and make it a regular part of your morning and evening routine.

Also, you should handwrite your journal, at least in the beginning. While writing, your brain can process what you have written much faster and better than if you write it on a computer, for example.

With the diary you can later make a little journey into your past. You can see which hurdles you have already overcome and which hurdles you still need to work on. You can also observe how certain life situations always repeat themselves and develop new strategies to be able to act better when reliving an unpleasant life situation.
Keeping a journal has many positive effects. It is best to try it out for yourself.