Stop answering every email immediately

Stop answering every email immediately
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Less stress without email

Do you often feel stressed? Finished? Even after work? That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. You can relax and most importantly, you are allowed to relax!

How do you react when your phone or computer tells you that you have a new message? Do you go straight to your inbox and check? Has the thought already settled in your head that you have to reply immediately? Do you then feverishly think about how you can answer the email right away?
Then we have an instant tip against stress for you.

The next time you get a new email in your inbox, leave it there. If it’s hard for you that’s fine. Maybe you can start imagining what might happen to your email in the next five minutes. Let your imagination run wild. Maybe the Internet will shut down in the next five minutes and you’ll never know what was in that email. Or someone hacks into your inbox and wipes your entire memory. Possibly aliens come and take your very computer….

If you think about scenarios, you’ll realize that nothing will happen to your mail in the next five minutes. So why not just leave the email where it is? In most cases, whether you respond to an email right away or the next day won’t change anything.

To make it easier for you, here’s a tip for you: Set email times! In the morning when you come to work and once an hour before you leave. That way you have enough time to concentrate on what’s important. Be it your family life at home, your hobbies, your relaxation or at work on your essential tasks. Emails are time wasters and distract you from what’s important.

Imagine the following: You’re working very hard on a task. Then an email comes in. Your computer blinks. You go to the e-mail, open it and now you know that it’s your colleague’s birthday tomorrow. She asks you if you already know what you’re bringing for the buffet. You answer her quickly and then want to get back to your task. But somehow your concentration is now gone. It takes almost five minutes to get it back.

If you had answered the email just before going home, you would have finished your task faster. Plus, you’d be more focused and efficient at getting your work done.
So leave the next email in your inbox until you really have time to answer it.