Stop being a pessimist!

Optimist and pessimist
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For many people, the glass is always only half empty instead of half full. They just tend to look at everything only negatively and pessimistically. This may be related to the fact that they have already had some bad experiences in life, which shaped their basic attitude. But it is not beneficial in the long run to look at everything negatively from the beginning. Not for themselves and not for others. Because family, friends and colleagues are also at a point where they can no longer bear the negative attitude to life. Past does not have to mean the future. Something beautiful can always happen!

It is very difficult at the beginning to escape from a hole of pessimism. Often this is not done all by itself. Occasionally, good friends help here, in very severe cases (up to severe depression), psychotherapy can also be supportive. In the end, however, everyone must manage on their own to turn their personal thoughts into something positive. Which approach is the right one here, everyone has to find out for himself.

It is helpful to build a kind of stop sign into your thoughts. This must be activated before negative thinking can once again spoil the mood. It is difficult to use these tactics. Especially in particularly painful and desperate situations. But if you want to fundamentally change your way of thinking on your own, you simply have to constantly stick to your goal.

Example: If you would like to have lunch in your favorite restaurant, but everything is already occupied. Here, the pessimist tends to say to himself, “What a bummer, this can only happen to me again!” He should turn his negative thoughts here into something positive such as, “Oh, it probably just wasn’t meant to be lunch here today. It’s possible the meat isn’t cooked well today and I don’t feel like having a stomachache!”
The art is to recognize the good in every situation in life, which may seem negative at first.

It takes a while to learn this art. But the result is extremely rewarding for one’s well-being. Anyone who thinks fervently negatively and pessimistically will not lead a happy existence in the long run. Under certain circumstances, negative thoughts can also lead to physical complaints. To prevent this from happening in the first place, it is important to focus on your personal inner life. Unfortunately, this is often neglected. With a little discipline and creativity, many bad thoughts can be transformed into something bearable!