Stop checking Facebook and Twitter so often!

Stop checking Facebook and Twitter so often

New year, new resolutions? Then try spending less time on social media. Constantly looking at your smartphone or laptop causes a lot of stress in your body. The consequences can have a negative impact on your performance and especially on your health.

Many young users of social media have a very high consumption of Facebook, Twitter and the like. But it’s not just the younger generation that spends a lot of time surfing. Increasingly, it can be seen that people who grew up without a smartphone spend many hours in the virtual network.
You are constantly available and retrievable for everyone. The cell phone is quickly pulled out and the next picture of the long-time school friend is liked. But is this constant monitoring really necessary, or is it a kind of addiction? Work and private life are becoming increasingly blurred. Constant floods of information through hourly news, blog posts and Twitter messages from celebrities. There’s always something new to find out. This happens under the daily stress of everyday life and time pressure. Possible consequences can be depression and burn-out!

The constant presence of social media gives us the feeling of being available and not wanting to miss anything. This feeling can be oppressive for users. However, it is everyone’s own responsibility to protect themselves from the consequences of constant stress. After all, you are responsible for how much you spend your time on social media.

Ultimately, it’s about having more time for yourself to switch off and spend with your loved ones. The easiest way would be to choose one social platform and delete the others. Moreover, you can put your smartphone in flight mode or even turn it off to avoid even the idea of reaching for your phone. Furthermore, one can remove major news portals from the home page. They constantly provide you with the latest news and make you want to read it more often. Instead, you can use any search engine as the home page. This way you can search for specific information on the web. Another tip would be to separate your private and professional cell phone. This way you are not always available for everyone. Also set fixed times when you check your social networks. For example, during your lunch break or 20 minutes in the evening. The next time you get the idea of pulling out your smartphone because you’re bored, take a walk in the fresh air. This supplies your brain with oxygen and prevents stress.