Stop eating fatty, unhealthy foods

fat foods

You are what you eat – probably everyone has heard this saying before. And there is a lot of truth in this well-known credo. Unhealthy foods that contain a lot of sugar and are also fatty can be the triggers of serious diseases and, of course, lead to obesity. Fatty and unhealthy foods also play a major role when it comes to stress.

Food has an influence on stress

Those who eat a lot of fast food and eat poorly often justify this by saying that they are constantly under stress and thus have no time at all to eat a balanced and healthy diet. The stress, which is omitted by the omission of the alleged time-consuming cooking, however, comes back twice. Because, people who eat poorly generally have a lower stress tolerance. Lots of sugar, unhealthy meals and greasy food provide hardly any essential nutrients and vitamins. However, the body needs these to function well – and to be able to withstand stress.

Valuable ingredients for strengthening the nerves

A whole range of minerals and vitamins are almost irreplaceable for strengthening the nerves. If these substances are taken in through the diet, susceptibility to stress can be effectively reduced. These include magnesium and vitamin B, for example. The amino acid tryptophan, which is found in particularly high concentrations in foods that contain a lot of protein, also has a mood-lifting effect on the mind.

Food alone does not combat stress

Despite these facts, food should never be used as an acute helper against stress. No one necessarily becomes relaxed and calm by eating a banana before an important appointment. Also the bowl with nuts in the office, will not help alone to be able to compensate stress better. Due to the large amount of calories that nuts contain, this will probably only lead to more stress, because obesity is imminent.

Breaking out of the vicious circle

Those who really want to fight stress through diet should focus on a general change in their diet. Those who lead a stressful and hectic life should take a close look at their previous diets and eating habits. Of course it is not easy to escape from the vicious circle of weight problems, unhealthy nutrition and stress. Often this succeeds for humans only if it is already nearly too late and already the first heart attack or the first Burn Out behind them lies. That is exactly why it is important not to let it get that far in the first place. The right time to stop eating unhealthy and fatty foods is now!