Stop judging others

Stop judging others
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Originally, evaluating our fellow human beings was very helpful. When we were still living as cavemen, we had to be able to assess whether someone was hostile or friendly to us. Judging was an important survival factor and is therefore deeply ingrained in us and therefore not so easy to get out.

But why should we get out of the habit of judging in the first place?
Not judging means that your brain does not have to compare. This comparison can quickly degenerate into stress and generate negative thoughts. To lead a relaxed, stress-free life, it is advisable to compare less.
But our brain is programmed to make comparisons. That’s why you need a trick to help your mind train new thought patterns:

Judge others as often and as strongly as your ego wants you to. Say what you think – and then append the phrase “as I do” to your judgment.


  • She’s conceited – just like me!
  • What a boring person – just like me!
  • He is so ugly – just like me!
  • She is a liar – just like me!
  • This idiot falls into everyone’s word – like me!
  • Oh man, is this guy clumsy and awkward – just like me!

The brain believes that you are telling something about yourself, while you judge or condemn others. This is called the projection principle and can be applied very simply but effectively.
Your ego loses the desire to judge others because it doesn’t want to hear this “like me” anymore. Judging becomes less because you naturally don’t want to hear anything bad about yourself anymore.
If you let this new thinking pattern become your habit, you will notice very quickly that you will see your fellow human beings with different eyes. Also, your thoughts about yourself will become more positive, which will lift your mood and reduce your stress level.

More serenity in everyday life

Free yourself from trying to solve the problems of others. When the behavior of those around you upsets you, try to take a breath and remember that you are in charge of your own life.
You are responsible for your life. A burden will fall from you when you stop caring about others, in a negative sense.