Stop stressing about bad decisions you’ve made in the past. What’s done is done.

Stop stressing about bad decisions you've made in the past. What's done is done.
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We are all human and make mistakes! Probably everyone has now and then a bleak moment, in which he lets pass so many things from his past revue and thinks again quite exactly about everything. So some would like to make gladly again undone. Decisions, actions, reactions and so on. But what has happened, has happened. We spend many hours in our life asking ourselves how different our life would have been if we had done things differently. More sensible and reasonable, as it may seem to us in retrospect. But in the end these considerations are completely in vain and nothing more than a waste of time.
We should try to gain distance from those doubts. Because even if we often wish it: We cannot undo bad decisions!

“If only I had tried harder in school!” “If only I had never fallen for that macho man! “Today, I would never go back to that horrible profession!” “I wish I had been there more for Grandma and Grandpa when they went into the nursing home!”
These are just a few of the millions of self-reproaches that many thousands of people expose themselves to in their thoughts every day. So many past decisions are bitterly regretted. We wish so much to change everything. Preferably to hop into a time machine and straighten everything out. STOP! That is not possible. What was yesterday was yesterday. It happened and should be checked off. Even if we will probably never be completely happy with some decisions. We should accept that they are part of our lives.

Further, what is a bad decision is in the eye of the beholder. We are all the harshest critics in relation to ourselves. We often judge ourselves much more harshly than others do. Thus, those who see our choices as terrible may see them more realistically and not so negatively from an objective perspective. Talking about it with friends on a regular basis and listening to their feelings can sometimes help.

No one is likely to be completely happy with his or her life. Everyone made and makes mistakes; that is simply part of life. The trick is to forgive yourself for those bad decisions and mistakes, learn from them for the future and move on. There is simply no point in thinking pointlessly about things that don’t make sense anyway. Would have, would have bicycle chain!
The present and the future are worth living and require to finish with the past. No matter what was in the past.