Stop taking yourself so seriously

Stop taking yourself so seriously

Our time in this world is limited – from the beginning of your conception, your life has an expiration date. Every life. Even yours. Maybe you don’t think about it much because your head is full of obligations, appointments and other thoughts that keep you from enjoying the moment.

Or maybe you don’t even notice that everything around you is fleeting. No sooner have you experienced a moment than it’s already a thing of the past. If your head is full of thoughts, everything is going around in circles, then you are tense, not concentrated and forget that sometimes it is better not to take life so seriously.

Just take a look at your everyday life. A normal working day. You probably have a long to-do list in your head and you are trying to work it off. On the way home, you quickly go shopping, then pick up the kids from kindergarten, do homework with them in the evening, do sports, meet friends – all this is your everyday life and you already realize one thing: Where are you?

If your everyday life is only designed to maximize, then something is going wrong. Try to make time for yourself and stop taking yourself so seriously. Admit your mistakes, allow them, draw boundaries when everything becomes too much for you. Learn to say no again. That feels good. And above all: Laugh again. A lot and often. About yourself, too. How can you do that? With a few simple tips:

1. Think playfully

Rediscover the inner child in you and let it out. Remember what you liked as a child, how you solved problems, and look at a challenging situation from a new perspective. Ask yourself if it’s really worth getting upset about or if it’s really that bad.

2. Find humor

Humor is everywhere in your life – just unfortunately, most people tend to see the practical side. The pragmatic. The adult. Try to break out of this pattern and notice the funny side of life again. Maybe you can start by surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh?

3. Become flexible

Our life only becomes difficult if we don’t stay flexible, but want to/must follow fixed patterns. More lightness also means more freedom, less seriousness. And that frees your thoughts from fixed patterns of upbringing and life models. Don’t take life too seriously, because it is too short for that. Enjoy the moments, soak them up and hold on to them, lose yourself in the now and don’t always think about the future. You do not always have an influence on what will come.