Stop trying to control everything

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Stress is a symptom of the modern age. Everything has to go faster. This applies not only to the workplace, but also to everyday life in our private lives. If you suffer from it as well, it’s not a peculiarity at first.
The consequences of stress can be different. You may be afflicted with inner nervousness. Or you may be exhausted by long stress and on the verge of a burn-out syndrome. These are the signs that you should act.

Often there is an inner attitude behind it that you want to keep everything under control. However, in doing so you burden yourself with more than you can really cope with. It is like an overload of tasks, which can often be compared to the professional environment. In the personal sphere, it can also be seen that an overload of tasks increases stress. It can be observed that instead of being able to control everything, you seem to lose control with this overload. This moment would be important to adopt a changed inner attitude. If you don’t, however, the spiral of overload increases: the more you fight against it and try to keep everything under control, the more the inner stress and being exhausted increases.

Now, it would be a helpful goal to fight that control addiction so that the loss-of-control anxiety stops. After all, that’s what it is. The thing that prevents you from giving up control is the loss-of-control anxiety. The right way to get there is to simply realize that you can’t be in control of everything. Situations are equally dependent on other variables that you often can’t control at all. They are in turn determined by people who always behave differently and just sometimes unpredictably. Take situations as they come. There is always a solution, even if at first glance they may seem insurmountable or even threatening. But for everything there is a way to make the best out of it again. This new attitude is positive, but at the same time it is an effective means against the fear of losing control. Just let go and let yourself fall. Take some time to try this out as your first steps. This may be on the weekend. If you make the first positive experiences, you extend the times of letting go. More and more, a positive feeling will arise, which will increasingly displace the fear of losing control.