Stop trying to remember everything. Just write everything down

Stop trying to remember everything. Just write everything down

Take notes instead of remembering everything at once

Everyone experiences stressful times in some phases of their life or phases in which things just don’t go as they should – the result is stress. Whether in relationships, at work, or aspects that you can’t really influence: You cannot avoid stress or avoid it in the long term.
Therefore, the question is with which methods or through which possibilities it can be prevented or reduced.

Stress starts in the head

Have you ever caused yourself stress? Hardly anyone will be able to deny this question if you think about it intensively. For example, at least once we have tried to remember ten things at the same time and got confused. It doesn’t matter if we forgot to have dinner with friends or the deadline for a delivery, remembering everything in your head is exhausting. This leads to tension and stress – so why not avoid exactly such situations?

Use notes and lists

The best way to change something about the stress factor is to make simple notes. You and should not memorize everything at once. Paper is cheap and even your phone doesn’t charge you for entering reminders and notes. Many people use to-do lists in everyday life: just write down what needs to be done during the day. Small pieces of paper are enough for this, and they are not a big waste. It is particularly practical to hang the notes in clearly visible places, such as on the refrigerator or the hall mirror.
If you don’t want to use paper, you can use your cell phone. There are functions with which you can also set reminders, so that your cell phone sends a notification exactly when you need it.

Those who are unsure about this alternative as well can resort to chalkboards. Every day, you can clean them and keep making new notes, and you can do it without the need for paper or a smartphone.

It can be stated that notes are a great support in everyday life. They help us to make our thoughts visible and clear and ensure that we still have enough space to think without having to remember everything at once. There are many different alternatives, and you will certainly find one that suits you.