Stress-free with organization and task sharing

Stress-free with organization and task sharing

Stress is a factor in many people’s lives, and perhaps in yours as well. To avoid unpleasant stress symptoms like headaches or fatigue in the first place, it’s important to find a new strategy. Part of the solution to the problem lies in possibly delegating tasks and getting other people on board, and in dividing a larger project into smaller steps. This applies to private as well as professional projects of all kinds.

Here are a few examples for you:

1. you want to celebrate your birthday and invite many friends to it

Make a list of all guests a few weeks beforehand and check off who has accepted. So you know approximately how many people are coming. Then calculate what you need in terms of drinks, snacks and food based on the number of guests.

Then make a shopping list. Do the shopping for the birthday a few days in advance, so that you can approach the actual birthday relaxed and do not have to rush with shopping and stress in the supermarket.

Try to recruit friends or family for the preparation of the party if necessary. There is no shame in asking other people for help. Maybe someone will bake a cake for you, make a salad, or help you decorate the room and set the tables.

2. you want to move to another apartment

This is quite time-consuming and involves a lot of organization. Again, breaking it down into small “bites” is the key to less stress.

Here, too, make a list of all the things you can do longer before the moving date and work through them one by one. For example:

  • Find a mover or moving company
  • Get moving boxes
  • Inform offices, authorities, employer, health insurance and bank about the change of address.
  • Change your insurance policy
  • Submit a forwarding request for the post office

Start packing everything you don’t need every day a few weeks before the move. Books, dishes for special occasions, decoration material and much more can be packed in boxes beforehand. This way you don’t have to rush to get all your household goods ready for transport in a short time.

3. further tips

In order not to get under stress, you should always create small spaces for yourself in everyday life. Think about whether what you want to do absolutely has to be done that day or whether the matter can be postponed. Do not take too many appointments. One day a week should be free of appointments for you after work, so that you can relax a little.