Stress Reducing Yogurt Muesli

Stress Reducing Yogurt Muesli

Most people encounter stress more often than they would like. Whether at work, in the private or social sphere, or even when managing family and professional life, including all duties and tasks. Headaches, sleep disorders, fatigue and an irritable mood are then some examples of how stress shows and can express itself. Then it is important to provide moments of rest and time for oneself in everyday life in order to recharge one’s batteries and give the body the opportunity to recover.
Stress can also be countered and combated through proper nutrition and the inclusion of special foods.

Food against stress
To reduce stress, various foods can be included in the diet. There are some foods that are particularly good stress killers. These include nuts, such as walnuts and pistachios, calcium-rich bananas, unsweetened natural yogurt, vegetables, such as peppers and spinach, or fish, for example salmon and tuna. Oatmeal or avocados can also reduce stress.

Recipe against stress: stress-reducing yogurt muesli
The ingredients of the named foods allow the perceived stress to be regulated and reduced. By eating these foods, important nutrients are absorbed. It is optimal to cook or prepare recipes that include several of the named foods.
That is why a delicious yogurt-fruit dish is an optimal stress killer recipe.
Any amount of natural yogurt is put into a small bowl, about 150 to 200 grams per serving. Now half a banana can be sliced and added to the yogurt together with half a diced apple. If desired, 1 to 2 tablespoons of chopped walnuts are now added to the fruit yogurt. Alternatively, tender or seeded oatmeal can be used as a topping. If you like it more tart, you can also toast the nuts briefly without fat in a pan until crispy.

This recipe is enormously variable. So the dish can be sweetened with some agave syrup or honey in a healthy way or become super fruity with some stirred in. pureed strawberries. Also a touch of ground vanilla bean or a pinch of cinnamon spice up the anti-stress yogurt.