Take a 10-minute break at work – new strength for new deeds

10 minutes break

To prevent reduced performance or fatigue during work, you should take regular rest breaks of 10 minutes. They should serve the health and maintenance of working capacity and prevent accident risks due to fatigue.

Taking 10-minute breaks at work increases productivity enormously. While for employees it is clearly regulated when they have to take the breaks, this is not the case for self-employed people. Often these think that they can’t afford to take a break because business is breathing down their necks. But this is clearly a fallacy. Those who work too long on one piece make mistakes, are annoyed and tired. To stay creative and productive, a little rest in between is just the thing.

Some entrepreneurs tend to write their breaks into their schedule. This way, they have a fixed date for it and keep it. These breaks have to become a habit, so that they are simply kept regularly.
You want to do the same?
Why don’t you keep a break log? You can then use it to check yourself and see if you’ve been cheating. It forces you to consistently take your 10 minute breaks.

It’s important for these breaks that you don’t necessarily spend them at your workstation or perhaps sitting in front of your screen eating and reading emails. Leaving the workplace is the first important point. A short walk for 10 minutes lowers the stress level and the daylight dispels gloomy moods. But if you still don’t want to leave your workplace, then please no phone, no email and no messages during this 10 minute break. A few balancing exercises are wonderful for this break.

The next point is: Think positive! Let your mind wander and put yourself in beautiful places. Maybe a short 7-minute meditation will help you to relax completely. You can also use self-reflection by telling yourself which positive things you have already done and achieved. This will motivate you for the rest of the day.

Another point is: don’t talk to your colleagues only about work. Talk about what you’re doing on the weekend or in your free time, maybe just about what’s going on in the world. Also, the cell phone should not play the main role in the 10-minute break, there are real people for a conversation.

Also, it’s important to eat something healthy. Consciously enjoy it to get energy from it. That way you get through the day better than if you stuff unhealthy things into yourself.
But maybe you just want to close your eyes and take a little nap or have a chat with a colleague.

As a conclusion can be said:
The 10-minute break at work is a very good thing. It increases productivity, regulates the energy balance, promotes health, creativity and mood.