Take a break when things get too difficult

Take a break when things get too difficult


When, you are dealing with a job or activity, but it turns out to be more difficult than you expected, then it is appropriate to take a break.
A break can work wonders in this regard.
As a rule, when you have difficulties in completing an activity, the longer you work on it, the more they increase without you seeing any progress.
Instead of things improving, things get harder and harder, and nerves get the better of you.

Why are breaks so valuable

It’s definitely worth taking a break, at the latest when things get too annoying. During this break, I try to take a break from the activity.
It is also important to switch off mentally, as this is the only way I can calm my nerves and recharge my batteries both mentally and physically.

I take a break at the latest when I become easily irritable and can no longer concentrate. Without a break, I also lack motivation and become more and more tired over time. Mistakes accumulate and the risk of injury also increases.

Correct length of breaks

I used to think that a five-minute break was enough, but far from it. A few minutes are simply too little to recharge your batteries and calm your nerves. A break that is too short is not enough to get back to work rested. At least 30 minutes should be given to shut down the body and mind and to recharge sufficient energy. But not only the break in between is necessary, also after the end of work or at the end of the day break is necessary.

Breaks are valuable
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Relaxation and rest at the end of the day

Over time, I have learned that I need to switch off after work as well. Mentally, I try to switch off, which means to let the topic of work rest, to devote myself to other topics.
For me, after work means rest and relaxation. If that doesn’t work because of my nervous tension, I try to switch off by means of relaxation exercises or autogenic training.

Relaxation exercises in connection with relaxation music enable me to forget the day, to switch off and to sleep calmly.
Also a conversation with my spouse in a relaxed atmosphere works wonders for me, that is break as I imagine it.

If I proceed in this way, then I can get back to work the next day fresh and rested. Difficulties of the previous day are forgotten and most of the time it works out with work and everyday life.