Take a nap

Take a nap

Some days you’re just stressed, overwhelmed, and most of all, terribly tired. No wonder, because most of us completely overtake ourselves in everyday life. A simple and free way to take a short rest from life is the classic nap. We’ll tell you when it’s best to take this little break and what it really does for you.

20 to 40 minutes are ideal

Keep in mind that a short nap in between should never get out of hand. Firstly, there is usually not enough time for it and secondly, a two-hour nap usually leads to far too deep a sleep. When you wake up afterwards, you often feel even less energetic than before and the rest of the day hardly seems manageable. So it’s best to set your alarm and consciously plan a half-hour nap into your day. There’s also nothing wrong with taking a short nap after work. If you like to sleep between 5 and 5:30 p.m. to have energy for the rest of the evening, you should by no means assume that this is wrong. It’s just important that you don’t sleep too long.

Take a nap to switch off – create space

If you lie down on the couch – as if on command – and close your eyes, you may find it hard to rest. Your head works at full speed, your body does not find sleep. This state is stressful. So create the right space and atmosphere so that you can fall asleep successfully. In the best case you sleep in your bedroom in bed – and in the dark. The everyday clothes should be taken off, shutters down and then into bed. Not everyone likes to lie in bed at noon, because the sofa is also tempting. In principle, this is also allowed. The important thing is that you can really switch off and have the necessary peace and quiet. Constant noise disturbs sleep and hinders stress reduction.

You can sleep anywhere

Not everyone can use their own bed at noon. If it is possible for you, you may of course sleep in your car at noon or use the office chair for this purpose. Sleeping in any environment can be trained in principle. However, it takes time. Maybe it will be easier if you realize that the little naps around noon not only help us to improve our brain performance, but also make us look much better. Try it out and treat yourself to your short break.