Take a ride

Take a ride
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A car ride into the countryside

Small breaks from everyday life are best achieved with a nice car ride. This creates new impressions that keep stress levels low, making it just the thing for a short break. You will reach your destination quickly and comfortably via rural routes, far away from traffic and everyday life. Already during the drive you feel fresh air flowing through the open car window and giving you new strength. Your inner inspiration comes to rest and flows in different directions. Now you have to stop mentally taking up the processes of letting go of constant excessive demands and external determination in everyday life. If one learns to let them move on, mental rest phases can find their place at this point.

Warming sunbeams accompany the day with pleasant temperatures. You feel more and more the urge to spend your free time within nature. No matter if field, forest and meadow or at the water, our environment offers relaxation in all facets. It’s worthwhile to stop and get out while you’re walking, to take a deep breath and enjoy the natural kingdom.

Wonderful flowering oases provide the desired relaxation and tranquility. For it is the constant custom of certain rituals convey to your soul, I’m ready to switch off, which in turn provides a positive change in everyday life. After all, to recover skillfully also means not to rely on the on or off of certain emotions. So it’s a matter of creating certain regularities that send the message to the brain: Now is the time to engage in something new.

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter. Each season allows our inner self to blossom when it is felt up close. So stress can be skillfully balanced with meditative thoughts. While walking, we constantly encounter new events that creep stealthily into our inner life.

Like the face of a mile-long shimmering blue river, on whose surface thousands of tiny sunbeams dance and take you by the hand almost imperceptibly. Only a small breeze nudges you to perceive your thoughts on the new level of experience. Impressions of intoxicating landscapes that positively imprint themselves on a mental level are something you would prefer never to let go of again. Because they can be recalled again and again in their uniqueness in our senses, which provides new momentum in everyday life.