Try a coloring book for adults

Try a coloring book for adults

Stress and its consequences for us

Stress accompanies us in everyday work and other situations. Not only physically does stress cause trembling, headaches or tension, but it also affects us psychologically. We feel tired and exhausted, which in the worst case can even develop into burn out or depression. To prevent all this and to enjoy physical and mental health for as long as possible, we should find ways to prevent stress.

Prevent and avoid stress

There are many ways to get rid of stress. Well-known tips like meditation or sports, but also many new possibilities. Crying or mindfulness can help to lower the stress level. In general, each person can individually choose a ‘stress killer’. You should only pay attention to what you particularly like to do and with which activity, smells, sounds or sights you feel relaxation. All these things that you determine for yourself can help prevent stress individually. But for those who do not have the time to deal intensively with what exactly helps him, there are of course suggestions. One of them is, for example, coloring a coloring book.

A coloring book for adults

Even if it seems to be something unusual at first sight, this way of getting rid of stress is effective. Therapies such as art therapy show how it can be done: Through this simple but effective activity leads to relaxation. The thoughts can be free, a balance to the everyday life is created. More and more people in Germany are reaching for their pens and trying out this new alternative for combating stress. There are not only books like ‘Go *#%$ yourself’ , but also books about religion, pop culture and even cars. Get some and unpack your crayons. If you’re uncomfortable or don’t want to be seen doing it, hide in the closet with a flashlight if necessary. Before bedtime or on your break at work – when you color is up to you.
According to a study from Philadelphia, 45 minutes of creative activity even lowers the stress hormone level in the blood. That’s a good argument for trying it out for yourself and grabbing your pencils!