I’m sure you too hear about the term “electrosmog” in the news media and podcasts all the time. The more our homes, workplaces, schools and public transportation become mechanized, the more often the term is heard in public.
If you’ve ever wondered what electrosmog is all about, there are ambiguous answers to be found on the Internet when doing research.

Basically, different scientists deal with the effect of electricity and radiation in general on our human body. Again and again there are reports about increased symptoms and complaints, which are said to be caused by radiation, for example that of a transmission tower near the living environment of affected people. This is also the general fear of the people before innovations, which are planned in their residential area or in their city in this regard.

Without paying any attention to the symptoms of the people concerned, electrosmog is an occurrence which is measurable, but whose exact effect on people has not been sufficiently researched, and thus confirmed.
Nevertheless, alternative practitioners offer the possibility of neutralizing this harmful radiation to people who notice increased signs of electrosmog or a reduction in their well-being.

Regardless of the research on electrosmog, one fact regarding the mechanization of our lives cannot be dismissed out of hand. Namely, that the frequent or constant use of cell phones, computers and laptops or game consoles, even hours of television, has a negative impact on us humans. Not that you too spend too much time with virtual, not real, content, also the eyes and the psyche suffers demonstrably from the increased consumption.

As a result of the high consumption of technical media and entertainment electronics, sleep disorders, such as falling asleep or sleeping through the night, headaches, loss of appetite and digestive problems, such as irregular and hasty eating, can set in.
Likewise, your psyche can suffer because you see less sunlight and real social contacts fall by the wayside.
These facts definitely suggest that you should reduce your consumption of virtual media. Of course, this is not easy, and for people who work in the computer industry it is almost impossible.

However, you can avoid this damaging cycle of tension and stress caused by the use of media elements by simply unplugging for a certain amount of time each day. Make a conscious decision to turn off all of your devices, which includes your cell phone, and turn to reality during this time.
Maybe read a book for 15 minutes, the content of which has been traditionally printed on paper? Go out into nature and become aware of the things you perceive. What smells you notice, what sounds you hear, what animals you can observe doing what they do?

Exactly these time-outs are important, so that you and your organism do not suffer from the medial stress. Try to do this every single day. Already after a few days you can notice an improvement of your attention, relaxed muscles and qualitatively improved sleep, which gives you more energy for the coming day.
Media fasting every day is worthwhile and promotes the health of your body.