Use a stress ball

anti stress balls

Every one of us knows the situation of feeling stressed or being under power. Surely you have been in such a situation as well.
In these situations you may ask yourself what you can do to relax and reduce your stress quickly and easily.
There are many tips, methods and exercises you can use to reduce your stress, become calmer again and feel more comfortable in your skin.

One simple method to get out of the stressful situation that you can quickly apply anywhere is to use a stress ball.
Such a stress ball is small and handy and you can take it with you everywhere. Whether it’s in your handbag, in your backpack or in your briefcase, the stress ball has a place everywhere. Even in your glove compartment in the car or in your desk drawer you can store your stress ball to use it when needed.

Stress balls can be used by both children and adults in all kinds of stressful situations. They have no risks or side effects.

Why does a stress ball work

Stress balls are usually made of plastic like foam and they come in many bright colors and patterns.
They are often mistaken for toys. However, stress balls are more than toys.
You can squeeze, press and knead them. This is how you can relieve your frustration and stress.

Scientific studies show that stress balls are quite useful and can actually reduce stress. This can be explained by the fact that information in stressful situations can only be absorbed on two levels.
The first level is the absorption of information through the sensory organs (tasting, smelling, feeling, hearing). The second level is the absorption of information by the brain and intellect.

In stressful situations, there can be a blockage of information reception by the intellect. By keeping the hands busy with the stress ball, the brain can absorb information more easily again. Thus, the intellect-related stress can be reduced.

Other positive effect

Besides, the movement strengthens the muscles in the hands and fingers. Hand mobility and grip strength are improved, blood circulation is increased and muscle tension in the hands and fingers is released.