Using positive affirmations

positive affirmations

Life is not always easy. Everyone knows that from their own experience. Sometimes life even confronts us with seemingly insurmountable tasks, which for some mean pure despair and stress. But there are ways that help to overcome such times successfully and to emerge strengthened. There are methods that already support during this time by offering support and routine. One of these healing methods is certainly the use of positive affirmations, i.e. the repeated recitation of messages. Through the regular repetitions, contents are stored subconsciously, i.e. consolidated. This in turn creates the possibility to effectively transform beliefs. Which affirmations have proven to be particularly helpful and why is explained in this short guide as well as the question why this method can of course also fail.

I am valuable. Which three words could have even a remotely positive effect on one’s own self-esteem or self-confidence than these? Especially for people who suffer from constant or recurring self-doubt, the repetition of this phrase could work wonders. So that nonsensical thoughts, like one is worth nothing, are cleared away for all time.

I forgive myself. This is also easier said than put into practice. Logical. Who can really forgive himself for having made a serious mistake, which, for example, caused harm to another person? Probably nobody. Nevertheless, this affirmation gives the impetus to not immediately rack one’s brains over small things or injustices towards others.

I accept myself as I am. A saying that stands for self-determination like no other. A saying that gives courage and at the same time shows that only you should be allowed to decide about your own existence. Nobody can change me, because I am the way I am, and whoever doesn’t like it, doesn’t need to have anything to do with me. This may sound a bit stubborn, but it captures the essence of the above message quite well.

But why can these affirmations also fail? There are several reasons. First, of course, you have to admit that this is all a matter of faith somewhere. If you can’t fully convince yourself, even the best affirmations won’t really give you comfort. Other aspects are, among others, that the affirmations delivered are not attractive enough or do not fit the individual life situation. It can also be that the patience is too short and for this reason one does not hold on to a message long enough, because one is possibly disappointed that it did not ignite immediately.