What does a stress coach do?

What does a stress coach do?
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Many people nowadays suffer from stress and do not know how to solve this problem. There can be different reasons for stress. Most often, however, it is triggered by work or disputes within the family. If you are not able to relieve stress on your own, you should seek appropriate help. Well suited for this is a stress coach. They take care of their patients’ problems and try to find the causes. In this way, the stress level can be gradually lowered. What exactly a stress coach does and where they are used, you will learn in the following article.

What is stress?

Before you find out about the right stress coach, you should first clarify what stress actually means. The term “stress” comes from English and means something like tension and pressure.

In principle, it is a result of an imbalance between the demand and its management. Therefore, stress is usually triggered by internal as well as external stimuli, which in turn is perceived as a burden. When stress occurs, your body suspends certain biological processes. Already in former times in the age of the mammoths humans had to fight with stress. Survival was the first priority. As soon as the body feels threatened, it switches into “survival mode.” By releasing different hormones, humans were faster, stronger and more agile. However, this is an example no longer current Today, stress is triggered by other things. These include:

-> fast pace of life
-> time pressure
-> hectic pace
-> constantly changing demands
-> far too much work
-> lack of recognition
-> constant availability
-> anxiety
-> illness
-> family
-> money
-> divorce
-> etc.

As you can see, there are many reasons that can cause stress. Stress in general cannot be avoided in today’s age. Some can handle it and for others it develops into a disadvantage. As a result, the body gets into an imbalance and makes us feel bad. Coaching can serve as a helpful measure. You will learn the definition of a stress coach in the next section.

What is a stress coach?

A coach for stress is exactly what it sounds like. Through his or her extensive training, the trained person tries to find out the causes of the patient’s stress using a variety of methods. The different strategies help to find the causes and then reduce the pressure in a targeted manner. A distinction is made between two different methods:

1) instrumental stress management
2) cognitive stress management

The coach tries to find the right balance in the patient’s body. This has several advantages for the person concerned. The source of the problem can be found more quickly and targeted. Thanks to the extensive expertise of the coach, you should be able to reduce stress piece by piece. In summary, a stress coach is nothing more than a person who helps other people to get rid of their pressure. However, to qualify, the coach must have some prerequisites. These include:

=> healthy, emotional and physical health as well as stability.
=> curiosity and openness
=> already be able to work on oneself
=> good degree or education
=> positive image of people
=> ability to accompany people and their processes

Possible applications for a stress coach

Since stress can arise anywhere, there are also several places to locate a stress coach. Some of the coaches work in a self-employment. For this, they have completed extensive training and have certificates and the like. It is not uncommon to find them in seminars at companies. There, a personal program on stress management is held for the employees. This allows them to focus more on the more important things and slowly lower their stress levels.

But also at lectures or workshops stress coaches can be seen again and again. Individual coaching is not uncommon. Here, one person in particular is helped and not a group. In groups, however, coaching can take place in combination with doctors, alternative practitioners and psychologists. Whose patients often suffer from different things and a coach can help to fight the stress. Then you can still find them in health centers. Especially teenagers often have problems in their young age. Furthermore they help with the professional reintegration. So the target group can include every imaginable person. From the boss or department head to the normal employee or the cleaner, everyone is represented.

How to find the right stress coach?

If you want to get rid of your pressure, you should specifically look for a coaching. However, you should pay attention to a few things here. After all, there is not just one coach. So before the first meeting, you need to find the right person for you. Since the term “coach” is not legally protected, anyone can pretend to be one. Therefore, check things like:

  • recognized training
  • certificates
  • references
  • testimonials of others

After these questions have been clarified, it is time for the first meeting between you and the coach. In the first meeting you will get to know each other better and describe the first problems. This is more of a trial session. After this hour, both parties can decide whether they want to enter into the treatment or not. In no case should you choose a person with whom the chemistry is not right. Especially with coaching this is very important.

How does the coaching work?

The question of how exactly coaching against stress works is not new. First of all, both get to know each other better. The person concerned draws attention to his problem and tries to describe it. Just talking leads to a better feeling and relief. At the beginning, the aim is always to clear the patient’s head. A casual conversation about hobbies or similar things can help. The method used depends on the coach. There are different ways to get to the goal. In addition, stress is not easy to treat. Often it takes several sessions. Some are already in good spirits after 2 sessions and others need 6 sessions or more.

The benefits of a stress coach concern both sides. And companies are also convinced of the professional fight against stress. Help is not a sign of weakness. It is to help guide the person back on the right path. Because living only with stressful situations can lead to mental illness. This is exactly the goal that a stress coach tries to bring about with his therapy. It is important to choose a suitable therapist.

Advantages through coaching

As already alluded to above, coaching results in several advantages for the person concerned. These include for example:

  • Finding the cause of stress
  • combating problems
  • Saves time and bad mood
  • treatment lasts a few sessions
  • prevents relapses in the future
  • improves the attitude to life

Of course, stress coaching brings other benefits. But in principle it should help to find the causes and to fight them skillfully. This way you can avoid stressful situations in the future.

For whom is the stress coach not suitable?

Basically, it must be stated that a stress coach is not suitable for everyone. Coaching also has its limits. Those who show clinical symptoms or are depressed will not be able to achieve much with coaching against pressure and stress. In this case it makes sense to contact a therapist. There, other methods are used to combat stress, which no longer have anything to do with it.

Preparation for coaching

If you need help to reduce stress and want to hire a coach for this, you can work through the first steps in advance. This includes, for example, preparing for certain questions. This will allow the work to begin and be eliminated more quickly. Possible questions might be:

What is your personal goal?
What is important to you?
What things give you strength and energy?
Where do you currently stand?
What is your stress level?
What exactly is stressing you out or causing you to burn out?
How can you deal with stress better?
What measures can you take?

You can prepare for the above questions before the first session. Maybe you write it down on a list so that the coach can read it through once.


Stress coaching helps
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We encounter stress everywhere. Whether in everyday life, at work or in our private lives – pressure weighs on us in the most diverse situations. Those who do not fight against it will gradually eat the stress into themselves. This can result in mental illnesses that can no longer be treated by a stress coach. Moreover, help is not a sign of weakness. Quite a few companies, seminars or even private individuals take advantage of the help. It is important to find the exact cause and then to fight it consequently. This is the only way to reduce the stress level in the long run.