What if …?

What if...?

You know that question in your head, “What if?” Do you also know how many different formulations there are for it? Thoughts like “If only I … were, would have or could have …” Yes what would be then? The eternal subjunctive. How do you want to know? You think you know, but in fact you will never know. When you ask yourself these questions, you get into an endless chain of thoughts that – let’s be honest – are all completely pointless. It’s like an eternal labyrinth in your mind, where you keep yourself trapped. And thus stressing yourself and preventing your happiness. It doesn’t help you to think about possible things in your life.

The only thing that counts is what IS. Because only then you live in reality, in the here and now. And believe me, it actually makes you happy to live in the here and now, because only then you live your life. And as it IS. Then you will discover many wonderful things that you already have, instead of always chasing after some possibilities. Why do we always want to have something that we don’t have (yet)? Instead of enjoying what we actually have. And above all: to become aware of it first. We constantly forget that and don’t even notice it. What-if thoughts make us unhappy. How should we know whether what we would like to have really makes us happy? Maybe the next “What if …?” will come right away. And that is sure to come.

We will hang in such thought loops until we become aware of it and get out of it. At first we may not notice it when we fall back into “What if …?” but if we start paying attention to it and interrupt it every time it strikes us, then we can gradually get out of these thought patterns, because they cause us unnecessary stress and ensure that we live past our happiness in life. It is like living in a parallel world where reality is no longer perceived at all. You will experience it if you manage to get out of the “What if … ?”. You will experience that your life will improve a lot. Maybe you will even have the feeling that you got a whole new life. But you don’t have that, because this has always been your life. Because this is what IS.