Why you should train 3-4 times a week

Why you should train 3-4 times a week
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The work is done but the stress is just beginning. The household is not done yet, maybe you still have to go to an important appointment and then there might even be your children to keep you busy.
Time for yourself? Not a chance. Relaxation? Certainly not. Do you feel stressed? Well, hello.
Do you recognize yourself? If so, you’re not the only person. Being stressed has become a real widespread disease. But what is stress anyway and how can you counteract it?

We can certainly agree that it’s hard to banish the job and obligations in life. These things are, after all, part of life. And they cause stress. However, this is nothing more than an increased release of the hormone cortisol, which makes us feel stressed. How can you counteract this now? The answer is: do sports!
At first you might say: Sport? That means even more stress and where should I get the motivation from?

Let me tell you: The opposite is true. Sport reduces stress and makes you happy. Sport reduces stress hormones in the body and leads to the release of endorphins, the so-called happy hormones. Your brain is literally “flooded” with happy hormones and you feel happy and freed from your other worries. And for this you don’t have to strive for a career as a top athlete. 3-4 times a week are more than enough to integrate the perfect balance into your stressful everyday life. Try it out and be assured: You will feel much more balanced and stress-free than you do now.

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You’re probably wondering: Which sport should I do? It doesn’t really matter. Whether you go jogging, ride a bike or play soccer with friends or whatever. The important thing is regular exercise and sports activity.
The most important thing is that it is a sport that you basically enjoy. If you don’t know exactly what kind of sport suits you, you should try different kinds. You will surely find an activity that you enjoy and that will make your everyday life easier.