You have to be able to indulge yourself!

Indulge yourself

Small breaks in everyday life or even longer breaks, such as the long-awaited annual vacation to the mountains – these are the rest periods that the body needs and you should also give it!

Of course, life often demands a lot from you and you have to do things that may be unpleasant. But aren’t these the situations you need to appreciate beautiful and stress-free times?

Especially in everyday life you have your usual rhythm in you, you function partly like a machine but forget to give yourself a break. Even the little things, like a date with a friend in a café or reading a book can relax you and bring you to other thoughts.
But also the purchase of material things is often for many people a kind of fulfillment. Something that has been saved up for through hard, stressful work and you can end up holding your own diligence in your hands, so to speak! It feels good. Doing what you crave or love to do is a certain kind of luxury. It doesn’t matter if these things come at a smaller or larger financial cost. In the end, it’s the wonderful feelings of happiness that count!

Maybe you should also fade out your mind a little bit now and then and just do things that you long for. Because we are all unfortunately not immortal and you might regret it someday, not to have simply done things. Many people find it difficult to treat themselves to something, no matter in what form, but this is the path to inner happiness. A positive charisma also has a positive effect on your fellow men and is contagious! And in addition a good portion of humor and many things can be done easier.

At the end of the day, you should also understand that it is often only the small, harmless things that stress and upset you. You should also always keep in mind that inner satisfaction is more important than trying to constantly do justice to everything and only make other people happy. And never forget: We are all only human!